Rebuild Currently Under Way – Explore the new menu to find loads of new grow articles


Welcome to the new Manic Botanix site.

Let me begin by putting out a big thank you to the grow community that has supported Manic Botanix ( over the years.

To date the site has had about five million unique visitors and averages 350 unique visitors a day.  We’re now in the process of a major rebuild.

We decided to take the new site live while it is under construction due to development issues, where there is so much content on the ‘dev’ site that relinking images and downloads etc would prove to be a nightmare (days of work) if we didn’t get her off the local host and live while still in development. A few of the pages (articles) still need some formatting after we switched from a Joomla to a WordPress CMS backbone and had to import probably about 500, 000 words of articles. Sorry for any inconvenience and please let us know if you come across any bugs during the rebuild. 

For now ……  

On Manic Botanix you will find reams of information about nutrient and additive formulation, formulas and the means to take control and provide your plants with ppm in solution perfection.  

We’ve endeavored to create a site for intelligent growers. A place to get away from the hype and dribble that is all too pervasive is some sectors of the ‘hydro’ culture.

Manic Botanix is an ongoing project and we will be continually updating the site with new information.  

Please bookmark us and spread the word that the new MB site is live.

Thanks for dropping in and thanks for the support over the last few years….