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The chemical formula calculator helps to establish the percentages of given elements found in various fertilizers and/or other biochemical’s.
While many component fertilizers list elements and their percentages (e.g. Haifa Magnesium Nitrate = Nitric Nitrogen (as N-NO3) 11% and water soluble Mg = 9.6% etc), often less commonly used chemicals/components that may be used in fertilizer formulation require calculations to establish the percentages of given elements. These calculations for the layman can be complex, so we developed this calculator to handle the chemical equations for you (no rocket science required).

Using the Calculator (Examples)

Let’s say that you had an Ammonium Bicarbonate product that’s tech data tells you that the chemical purity is 99.2%. Let’s also say that you wish to use ammonium bicarbonate as a source for ammonium N (in some countries e.g. the USA ammonium nitrate is banned so alternatives such as a ammonium bicarbonate can be used as a readily available and legal source of ammonium N).

Ammonium Bicarbonate’s molecular formula is NH4HCO3. You simply enter NH4HCO3 in the “chemical formula” data field (be sure to use subscript and brackets where applicable), then enter 99.2 in the “purity of chemical” field, hit “submit” and the calculator then tells you what % of every element is found in NH4HCO3 at 99.2% purity. In this case the calculator tells us that we have, O (oxygen) = 60.229%, NH4 (ammonium N) = 17.56%, C (carbon) = 15.071%, and H (hydrogen) = 6.324 %.

The calculator also tells us that 1 mole of ammonium bicarbonate (NH4HCO3) at 99.2% purity is 79.055grams/L. This feature is handy for mixing formulas that are expressed in mole (e.g. pH buffers and EC standards). We have also included a moles required field so that you can calculate any given mole required (g/L of any fertilizer and/or chemical) using the calculator.

Another Example

Let’s say that you were using a potassium silicate (SiO2K2O) powder product for a source of Si and the tech sheet specifies that the product contains 55% SiO2. Plants don’t use SiO2 – they uptake just Si, so it is necessary to calculate how much Si is in SiO2 at 55%. Simply punch in the relevant data (I.e. SiO2 in the “chemical formula” field and 55 in the “purity of chemical” field), click submit and the calculator tells you that SiO2 at 55% purity contains 25.709% Si. From here you can use the MB “Dilution Concentration Calculator” (http://www.manicbotanix.com/calculators/dilution-concentration-calc.php) to equate how much of the potassium silicate powder should be used in working solution to achieve optimum ppm of Si. Let’s say you want 35ppm of Si in 100 litres of working solution – using the “Dilution Concentration Calculator” this tells us that we require 13.61grams of 25.709% Si product in 100 litres to achieve 35ppm Si. Of course, when using MB products we do this math for you and provide full usage instructions. However, we also want to help those using products other than our own. Enjoy!

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