Your legal rights when you purchase goods


When you buy goods (including goods supplied as part of a service), the law gives you certain rights as a consumer. The law says that the goods must:


  • be of satisfactory quality. This means that the goods should be free of any faults, including minor ones. They should be of the quality that a reasonable person would expect given the description, price and any other relevant circumstances. You can take into account the appearance and finish of the goods, and whether there are any defects (including minor ones). You can also take into account whether publicized information about specific features of the goods is accurate, and whether the goods are safe when used properly


  • be fit for the purpose. This means that you must be able to use them for the purposes that you would normally expect from this type of product, or any purpose that you have told the seller you want to use them for


  • match their description. This means that if there is a verbal or written description of the goods, it must be accurate. And if you choose goods after seeing a sample, your goods must match the sample.


There are a number of things a trader is not allowed to do when they sell you goods. These include:


  • making a written statement that you have no legal rights when you buy goods


  • making a false description about goods


  • selling dangerous or unsafe goods


  • trying to charge for goods sent that you didn’t order


  • selling short measure or short weight


  • giving a misleading price, either in writing or verbally.




We are committed to providing 100% Customer Satisfaction. Our guarantee is to replace goods or provide credit where goods are not up to standard or not delivered.


Terms and Conditions: The customer must inform Manic Botanix of any issues within 7 days of delivery of goods, or where delivery fails to occur the customer must inform Manic Botanix within 15 days of initially placing the order

The buyer is under all circumstances responsible for ensuring that restrictions on the import of goods into their zone (locale) are adhered to. Manic Botanix assumes no responsibility for goods being detained, confiscated or seized as a result of local laws, bylaws and/or other restrictions not being adhered to on the part of the purchaser.




Manic Botanix does not and will never send unsolicited email/mail to customers.


Your security is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that our customer database will not be marketed for any reason whatsoever to any outside party. Any discretionary information submitted is handled with care and respect for confidentiality. Any attempts by anyone to access any customer information will be categorically denied and strongly resisted. are security-conscious and all our necessary emails and paperwork does not have payment or contact details that can be used by other parties. All transmissions between customers and Manic Botanix are handled electronically to curb identity theft.


Your Data and Payment Security is our Priority

We use only Paypal – the world’s most secure way of online payment. The site Manic ( utilises a multi-layered data protection system. All data entered for payments (name, address, credit card details etc) is SSL secured to ensure your data is protected. Additionally, we have an anti-fraud and  antimalware systems operational on the site that ensures safer shopping for all Manicbotanix customers.