Hydro Hype – Overview and Links



Keeping the Bastards Honest!





Glow’s now infamous, largely satirical writings on hydroponic Industry products and marketing…. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.


The stories that exposed chemical PGRs (plant growth regulators – subclass growth retardants) in hydro industry bloom additives. From 2010/11


The PGR Peddlars – Dutchmaster and Flower Dragon  Busted for Flogging Chemical/Synthetic Toxins as Safe and Organic Bloom Boosters.






Latest PGR Peddler Articles – March 2016




Advanced Nutrients Articles – Taking Apart the Hype with Science and Research




Other Articles


The Radioactive Fertilizer Hoax (from 2014) – How one wingnut on drugs was able to become an authority on nuclear physics. Read now….  The Radioactive Fertilizer Hoax


Organics versus Hydroponics (from 2015) —- Dissecting  the highly unethical marketing dribble of corpo capitalist hippies … Read now…..  Organics versus Hydroponics