Manic Botanix Bloom Booster


Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms Overview

Superior Flowers using Med Safe Plant Growth Stimulators


Plants flowered with Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms increase their rate of photosynthesis almost immediately and start quickly forming numerous, tight and heavy clusters of flowers. This unique combination of 100% safe and organic elements, not found in any other bloom booster increases terpenenoid production, improves aroma and taste, inreases yields, and helps your plants finish the flowering cycle up to a week earlier.


Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms incorporates a complex array of sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and non-toxic, “med safe”, growth stimulants to deliver larger and higher quality yields.


As well as adding Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms to the substrate it is also highly recommended that it be used as a foliar feed. The advantage of foliar feeding is that the plant can absorb the flowering stimulator more efficiently directly through its leaves. For best results, as well as using Manix Bloom Booster in solution, it should also be applied via foliar every 7 days.



  • Yield increases of approximately 10 – 25%
  • Faster finishing times of up to one week
  • Improved resin production
  • Improved aroma
  • Improved taste
  • Inreased Brix levels
  • Med safe (100% non toxic ingredients)
  • Provides food for beneficial microbes, ensuring a prolific microflora
  • Protects plants from environmental and other stresses
  • Increases CO2 assimilation and krebs cycle

Use 2 mL/L from weeks 1 through to week 6. Use in conjunction with beneficial microbes for best results. Do not use with oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide or monochloramine (oxidants degrade organic matter).


Higher yields when used in combination with Potash

Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms isn’t a nutrient but a highly specialized additive that increases the plant’s photosynthesis (metabolism) and stimulates resin production. This metabolism increase ensures that the fruits are formed faster and increases essential oil production. The availability of nutrients is very important for achieving optimum results with Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms.


Even better results can be achieved using potash in conjunction with Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms This is because potash provides the plant with extra P and K (vital elements to aid flowerset and resin production) while Manic Botanix Connoisseur Blooms ensures that there’s adequate energy to use these elements to full potential.


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