Manic Botanix FizzyLicious




Manic Botanix FizzyLicious




The aim of Manic Botanix is to supply growers with a value for money options. While FizzyLicious isn’t our favourite PK  booster (very high P to K ratio) many growers seem to like a very similar Dutch product. For this reason, we are offering a far cheaper option without the bells and whistles and fancy packaging that growers (you) pay a premium for.


Guaranteed Analysis


N as ammonium nitrogen   0.201

P 1.3498  (P as P2O5 = 3.09296)

K 1.8998  (K as K2O = 2.2885)

Mg 0.20

S 0.2633


Derived from: Magnesium sulphate, monoammonium phosphate, ammonium bicarbonate, monopotassium phosphate and potassium carbonate.




Use Fizzylicious  for the last three weeks of the flower cycle.


Add Fizzylicious to the nutrient tank/reservoir before adding nutrients. Then add nutrients to achieve your desired EC. If mixing with existing nutrient set EC to 1.2 before adding Fizzylicious.


Usage: 50-100grams per 100L.


Note: The manufacturer of the Dutch product that we reverse engineered recommends use at 100grams to 100 litres (1g/L). We find this somewhat high, as do many growers who note yellowing of leaves etc. For this reason, some experimentation is advised (for instance, factors such as growing style, EC levels, and the NPK ratios of your existing nutrient regime will determine outcomes re optimal usage rates).




100.0g makes up 100 litres of  nutrient solution

Conductivity in demineralized water = 0.630 – 0.650 mScm-1 @ 20OC

pH = 6.4 – 6.5 Color = clear


Nutrient Analysis of Solution @ Working Concentration of 1g per Litre


Element                                    ppm (mg/L)

Nitrogen (NH4+ N)                      20.10

Total Nitrogen                            20.10

Phosphorous (P)                        134.95

(P) as P2O5                               309.23

Potassium (K)                           189.95

 (K) as K2O                               228.82

Sulphur (S)                               26.30

Magnesium (Mg)                       20.00