Manic Botanix Roots Xtreme




Manic Botanix Roots XTreme


Advanced Hydroponic Plant Nutrition



What can we say? You’ve been paying far too much for far too long for overhyped, overpriced rhizo/root stimulants. Actually, here’s a review of a Rhizo product/stimulant that I developed many years ago. From


“I have some stuff called manic botanix or something like that.
Same thing as rhizotonic but about 1/4 the price. Works great.”


We’ve come a long way since then and improved my original formula based on research and side-by-side trials against the top selling Rhizo products on the market today. Manic Botanix Roots XTreme contains powerful auxins, B group vitamins, Triacontanol, and pharmaceutical grade polyacrylate rheology modifiers that act as wetting and stabilizing agents and have preservative qualities.


Roots Xtreme is used at 2ml/L and works out at ¼ of the cost of what we consider an inferior, albeit, extremely popular Dutch product that is used at 4ml/L. Our challenge to you – put Roots XTreme against any other rhizo product and let performance speak for itself.



  • Promotes immediate generation of lush new root growth on cuttings and transplants
  • Aids in the recovery of any plant or cutting that has been subjected to stress
  • Facilitates enhanced hormonal reactions in the plant to ensure a healthier, stronger and more vigorous plant
  • Facilitates dynamic/prolific rhizosphere microlife
  • Aids in the Krebs cycle and photosynthesis
  • Increases overall plant and root growth, resulting in higher yields


Usage: Use at 2ml/L for first 7 -10 days of grow.



Recommended use of concentrate @ 2mL per litre

Conductivity = 0.068 – 0.070 mScm-1 @ 20OC

pH = 7.2 – 7.3 in demineralised water Color = orange/brown


Nutrient Analysis of Solution @ Working Concentration of 2mL per Litre


Element                                    ppm (mg/L)

Nitrogen (N)                                22.2

Total Nitrogen (N)                        22.2

Phosphorous (P)                          12.8

(P) as P2O5                                 29.52

Potassium (K)                             266.6

(K) as K2O                                 33.24

Sulphur (S)                                 29.6

Magnesium (Mg)                         7.4

Calcium (Ca)                              8.8

Sodium (Na)                              59.2

Boron (B)                                  0.22

Iron (Fe)                                   0.37

Manganese (Mn)                        0.03

Copper (Cu)                              0.008

Zinc (Zn)                                   0.074

Triacontanol                              100ppm