We did our R&D and chose to do it differently!


Plants aren’t fooled by hype and glossy labels – why should you be?


www.manicbotanix.com was started by several long term hydroponic industry members who looked closely at the industry and got out.


We wanted to provide value for money to the consumer, free from the hype and the wild claims that proliferate within an unregulated market place. We wanted to give growers another option so we built a new industry – a totally new way of doing things.


Our mission is to:


Provide commercial and hobby hydroponic enthusiasts with a platform for education about the chemistry of plant nutrient and additive formulation


Provide up-to-date scientific research


Create an open source community where commercial and hobby hydroponic enthusiasts are able to interact and share knowledge


Supply quality biochemicals used in nutrient and additive formulation along with the relevant technical data


Provide accurate and reliable product knowledge without the hype/jargon that has become systemic in an unregulated market place


Welcome to our vision!


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