Powder to the People!

When was the last time that your hydroponic retailer explained to you exactly what was in a bottle at %w/v, %w/w, or ppm and then presented you with the MSDS and/or tech data for that product and explained to you the optimum ppm that should be present in solution?

Take for example a store purchased liquid fulvic acid product thats’ recommended dilution rate is 2.5mL/L. How many ppm of fulvic acid does this give you? Additionally, is that store purchased product a very dark brown with precipitates or a clear clean yellow-brown? Did your hydro retailer ever mention that a dark brown fulvic acid product is probably high in humic acid, which has a low efficiency in hydroponics, and that you are in all likelihood getting less for your money? There are a lot of fulvic and humic misnomers out there and no regulations on what companies are selling. Even large agricultural organisations are selling mistruths when it comes to the analysis of their fulvic and humic products because of the lack of standards in the industry.

Research demonstrates that optimum fulvic acid ppm in solution is between 100 – 250ppm.  An 85% fulvic acid powder (which is a yellow powder and not brown) used at 117.64g/L would make a 10%w/v solution (100 grams of pure fulvic in 1L). Used at 1.5mL per litre this fulvic acid concentrate would give you 150ppm and used at 2.5mL/L, 250ppm in solution.

We had a vision. We wanted to approach things differently. We wanted to educate consumers with sound scientifically proven and checked information. Additionally, we wanted to teach consumers how to make hydroponic nutrients and additives, which would then enable them to factor everything into the ppm equation (ppm perfection).

Rather than supply bottled liquid nutrients through hydroponic retail outlets we went direct to the consumer to save you money by cutting out retail mark ups (which are typically 100% or more). We also took out the water to reduce shipping costs.  The Manix way is to supply quality raw ingredients to hydroponic growers so they can formulate themselves or selectively add ingredients knowing that these ingredients are of the highest quality and backed by tech data and MSDS. We call this “solid logic”.

Manic Botanix products leave no speculation, no randoms and no unknown quantities. We are different. We are Manix.

Our mission is to:


Provide commercial and hobby hydroponic enthusiasts with a platform for education about the chemistry of plant nutrient and additive formulation

Provide up-to-date scientific research

Create an open source community where commercial and hobby hydroponic enthusiasts are able to interact and share knowledge

Supply quality biochemicals used in nutrient and additive formulation along with the relevant technical data

Provide accurate and reliable product knowledge without the hype/jargon that has become systemic in an unregulated market place

Welcome to our vision!


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