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About Manic Botanix Products


Manic Botanix is about transparency and integrity in marketing. We chose to do it differently for one very good reason. In a nutshell, we believe hydroponic consumers deserve better! Better prices! Better products! Better information!


The Manic Botanix  Philosophy


We strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do. This applies to nutrients, service and quality of our company image and beliefs. Our mission statement covers four core foundations:


Education – Everything we do begins with proper education. We focus on the benefit (and truth) of maximizing plant genetic potential through natural, science-based nutrition technologies and through our site where you will find loads of scientifically sound information on numerous subjects surrounding achieving optimum yields. Additionally, our chief desire is to create a community of growers who understand why they achieve great yields. You will find on our site a blog where we hope growers will pass on great information and insight to others. Additionally, you will find hundreds of pages of grow info that G.Low (author of Integral Hydroponics and a partner in Manic Botanix) has written over many years.


Quality – We are constantly vigilant of the latest research, the quality of our ingredients, distribution, and partners. Growers can be confident that their plants receive no harmful materials from Manix products. All our ingredients are fully listed so that you – the grower – can be confident about just what it is you are feeding to your plants. We have introduced a new term to hydroponics and this is “Med Safe”.


Value – All our products are designed and provided in such a way as to maximize the end user’s value experience. Growers can now achieve better quality and higher yields for far less cost.

An Alternative to Hydroponic Stores – After many years in the retail, manufacturing, and wholesale hydroponics industry and/or having dealings with that industry we chose to do things differently and provide hydroponic consumers with another choice. We were fed up with the misinformation, or bad information that is proliferated through this industry, the hype, the outright lies, and the fact that growers were being been sold potentially harmful products via dubious manufacturers, wholesalers, and stores who marketed and continue to market these products as safe and organic. Read just one example here….

We outline what is in our products and explain in full why and how they work. Additionally, tech data will be supplied with every product that fully lists ingredients so that you know your crop is receiving only the best, safest, and finest ingredients. (See an example of product description and explanation of ingredients)

Integrity in Marketing 


Folks, we’re not going to mislead you and tell you that our hydroponic nutrients and additives are formulated using “British Pharmaceutical Grade”, “U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade”, “Reagent Grade”, “Food Grade” or other such wondrous ingredients. Any hydroponics industry manufacturer who makes such claims, at best, is deceiving hydroponic consumers.


Take for example Cyco Nutrients from Australia who claims this:




“ SJ Enterprises uses only the finest British Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients, ensuring industry leading products and the highest quality and consistency available.”


[End Quote]

Or, Dutch Master from Australia with:




“Only The Best British & US Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients. “


[End Quote]


The same company, of course, being responsible for Superbud and Phosphoload, marketed as powerful humatic isolates and proprietary phospholipid technology when, in fact, Superbud/Phosphoload key actives are long banned for use in consumable crops daminozide (Alar) and heavily regulated paclobutrazol – both of which are systemic pesticides linked to cancer and kidney disease. How credible are these guys really?


While Advanced Nutrients makes note of this:




“Sensi Bloom contains pharmaceutical grade source materials and is manufactured with relentless quality control inspection so your plants get all they need to produce huge harvests.”


[End Quote]


All very odd really as we personally have the original AN and Cyco formulas and in the case of Cyco Platinum range and Australia’s onetime AN formulas we also have inside knowledge of what fertilizers they use/d in production (direct from their onetime manufacturer) and they certainly aren’t “Pharmaceutical Grade”  products (in fact, at least one of these manufacturers sources most of their fertilizers from China).


As for claims of “manufactured with relentless quality control inspection”.


Nope – not true! Advanced Nutrients, more than any other company, is notorious among U.S. Agricultural officials for 1) mislabeling, 2) false claims re marketing, and 3) extremely inconsistent batch quality.


In fact, here is what one U.S. Agricultural regulator had to say about Advanced Nutrients and their “relentless quality control…”




“Our few samples show very sloppy quality control in hydro products in general. (Edit) runs a lot more samples than we do, but their results are considered confi­dential, whereas ours are public information. Without details, I’ve been told that some have a sample violation rate of nearly 100%. The company you mentioned is purportedly one with a very high violation rate.”


[End Quote]


Read More About Advanced Nutrients and False Marketing here….


Let’s Get Real


To anyone who understands fertilizer types and their associated costs, claims by any hydroponic nutrient company that they use pharmaceutical or food grade ingredients are misleading. The reality is that pharmaceutical grade and food grade fertilizers in most instances are extremely expensive (between 4-7 times the cost of horticultural grade fertilizers purchased in bulk volumes). For instance, while we can purchase a kilo of calcium nitrate with a purity of 98% for about a dollar, a single kilogram of the same fertilizer at 99.5% purity (pharmaceutical grade) would cost much more. This means any product formulated entirely from pharmaceutical grade components would be prohibitively expensive (approximately/conservatively $60 or more a litre).



Products Used in Formulation


Manic Botanix uses predominantly Yara fertilizers. We do this because Yara products have very high purity and, as a result, low levels of contaminants (incidentally, one much hyped European hydroponics company claiming to use food grade components in actuality uses, among other things, Yara fertilizers in production). Most of Yara’s production sites are based in Europe and therefore they adhere to strict European quality control standards (perhaps the highest quality standards in the world). On this basis, 1) their quality control is relentless and 2) their batch analysis is extremely precise, which aids us greatly in product formulation and batch-to-batch consistency. What this means, is that compared to many other base fertilizer brands Yara performs somewhat better and this, in simple terms, equates to better growth and yields.


The fact is that we could purchase much cheaper brands of fertilizers but then why compromise when the best, while costing more, guarantees quality and performance.


Next off. In many of our formulas we incorporate some levels of pharmaceutical or food grade ingredients (let’s not get too carried away though). This applies largely to our additives – although we do use very low levels of pharmaceutical grade amino proteinates (amino acid bonded chelates) in Manix Grow and Bloom formulas. We are just one of several companies who utilize this technology (Advanced Nutrients and Cyco Nutrients being two others).


Additionally, in some of our formulas we add further synthetic chelators (i.e. Versene Acid, which provides empty EDTA chelators that bind with mineral elements in solution, making these minerals more bioavailable for uptake).


The end result is high quality, cutting edge, crop specific hydroponic formulas where, due to our business model, we are able to use the finest quality ingredients and still provide what we consider to be the best hydroponic nutrient and additive products on the market today at half the price.


You Don’t Need Dozens of Hydroponic Additives to Achieve Optimum Yields


It might seem strange that as hydroponic nutrient and additive manufacturer’s/supplier’s we’d say something like this. After all, it’s in our interests to sell as many nutrients and additives as we can right? However, I’ll make this very simple. Any company that pushes the need to use untold additives with their hydroponic nutrients must be making extremely average base nutrients to begin with, or they are selling you expensive products that you simply don’t require to achieve optimum yields.


Our philosophy is very different where it comes to hydroponic consumables. First and foremost, use a good base hydroponic nutrient and add silica (Si) from day one.


Next off, a root stimulant in early grow will also prove highly beneficial to setting the plants up for healthy yields.


Next up, prevent diseases such as Pythium and Fusarium via either water sterilization or beneficial bacteria (we recommend the latter particularly where organic components are used).


Additionally, bloom additives are a must; albeit, they are often over used to the detriment of the plant. You’ll find that with Manix PK (potash) products we recommend conservative usage rates comparatively to many other companies. We have established these rates through tissue analysis on numerous crop specific trials with our own grows and in consultancy with others.


Additionally, there are further bloom boosters which definitely benefit yields. Triacontanol (an organic plant growth stimulant), Brassinosteroids (steroidal plant hormones), 6-Benzylaminopurine (a first-generation synthetic cytokinin that elicits plant growth and development response) etc. You’ll find these in our bloom boosters fully listed on the tech data that we supply with each and every one of our products. With Manix products, there is no speculation as to what you are using. We list every element found in our hydroponic nutrients and additives to the ppm. Read more about beneficial additives here… 


Product Choice

One of the core principals behind Manic Botanix is to provide growers with choices and cut rate prices on some of the industries more popular products. We realize that growers have their own opinions about which products are the best and who are we to argue? If you’re dialled in you’re dialled in… that simple! For this reason we will be formulating various products similar to, or exactly the same as products you are now purchasing through hydroponic stores. The difference? You can save a lot of money (at least 50%) by adding the water yourself.


Besides this, we supply our own line of rhizo, silica, grow, bloom, coco, potash, and other additives. These have been developed over many years through extensive research and trials and in consultancy with U.S. and Canadian based medical growers. Our challenge to you is put Manix products against the best and let the results speak for themselves.


Keep an eye on the sight – we’re almost finally set to go!


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