Potassium Silicate Solution


Potassium Silicate Solution (Very Concentrated)

Potassium (K) 28.0% w/v

Silicon (Si) 23.8% w/v


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Potassium Silicate

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Silica is the must use beneficial additive/nutrient for any hydroponic grower who is looking to promote plant health and optimise yields. Read about Si in hydroponics here….

Compared with many hydroponic store sold silica products this is a highly concentrated potassium silica solution that represents great savings. 1L of Manic Botanix Silica will give you 6,040 litres of 40ppm Si in solution, so it goes a long, long way. Comparatively, the same, or a similar, product is sold through Australian hydroponic stores for over $50.00 AUD as 1 litre (i.e. ours per 1L = $28.60 vs over $50.00 elsewhere). Thus, you can purchase Manic Botanix K Silicate for about half the price that you pay through hydroponic retail stores.



Usage Rate


To add 40ppm Si to solution use at 0.16775mL (1.67 ml to 10 litres)


This will also add 46.97 ppm of K (potassium) to solution


Always predilute in water and pH adjust to 5.5 – 5.8 before adding to the nutrient tank/reservoir





Chemical Product Information


Chemical Name Potassium Silicate
Other Chemical Name/s Potassium Metasilicate
Grade Technical
MB Product Number PT207


Chemical Technical/Analysis Information
CAS No. 1312-76-1
Molecular Formula K2SiO3
Molecular Weight 154.28
Appearance Colourless thick liquid
Purity Typical 53.1% w/w +/- 0.3% 85.0% w/v +/- 0.5
Potassium (K) Typical 17.5% w/w +/- 0.2 28.0% w/v +/- 0.3%
Silicon (Si) Typical 14.9% w/w +/- 0.2 23.8% w/v +/- 0.3%
Specific Gravity (sp. gr.) 1.60 g/mL

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