Manic Botanix  RO Perfect – Cal-Mag +++



RO Perfect is formulated to correct Ca, Mg, and microelement levels in nutrient devoid RO filtered water. Additionally, RO Perfect is engineered to act as a pH buffer and chelator and provide chloride (Cl) – an essential mineral element – in solution. Unlike other cal mag products, RO Perfect is formulated to maintain N and K ratios at optimum levels (most other products lifting N significantly). The use of RO Perfect ensures RO water is primed specifically for use in hydroponic settings. The outcome is more balanced, highly bioavailable and optimally balanced nutrition leading to healthier plants and larger yields.



  • pH stabilizes RO water via adding alkalinity
  • Primes RO water with the correct balance of macro and micro nutrition
  • Organic chelators increase bioavailability of nutrient


Recommended dilution rate: 5ml/US gallon (1.32m/L)


Usage: The best way to start your nutrient formula is to begin with purified water, add 50 to 250ppm RO Perfect, and then add your nutrients to your desired EC/TDS/ppm. The amount of RO Perfect you add depends on the genetics of the plant and what stage of growth/bloom cycle your plants are at. Some experimentation is advised to best suit your situation Read more here…



Tech Data



NPK + Ca + Mg %w/v in solution = 1.94 – 0 – 1.066 + 3.2 + 1.2


Recommended use of concentrate is 5mL per gallon (1.32ml/L)


Conductivity when diluted = 0.38 – 0.39 mScm-1 @ 20OC


pH = 6.25 – 6.30 Color = light orange


Detailed Information here (Manic Botanix RO Perfect Explained)